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The Hooplife® 2V2® 2019 (RESULTS)

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Tournament Timeline:

GAME 1: BBOB defeat Spring Branch
GAME 2: BIG 4x defeat Kmarkis
GAME 3: Triple Threat defeat Hams
GAME 4: Hoopers defeat LYBIG
GAME 5: BBOB defeat Ill Funk

GAME 6: BIG 4X advances Grind Szn no show

GAME 7: Hoop City defeat Triple Threat
GAME 8: LYBIG defeat Aces

GAME 9: Hams advances Grind Szn no show

GAME 10: Hoopers defeat Ill Funk

GAME 11: LYBIG defeat Spring Branch

GAME 12: Triple Threat defeat Kmarkis

GAME 13: BBOB defeat BIG 4x

GAME 14: Hoop City defeat Aces

GAME 15: Hams defeat Hoopers

GAME 16: Triple Threat defeat LYBIG
GAME 17: Hams defeat Aces

GAME 18: BIG 4X defeat Triple Threat

GAME 19: BBOB defeat Hoop City

GAME 20: Hams defeat BIG 4X
GAME 21: Hams defeat Hoop City

GAME 22: BBOB defeat Hams

Team Rankings: 

• Hams
• Hoop City
• Big 4X
• Triple Threat
• Aces
• Hoopers
• KMarkis
• Spring Branch
• ILL Funk
• Grind Szn

Tournament Rules:
• 2-on-2
• Up to 3 players per team
• Referees For each game
• Shoot for first possession (Top of Key)
• Must inbound the ball to start play
• No dribble inbound to start play
• Clear the ball to 3pt line
• 2's and 1's (No Deuce)
• All Games played to 12
• Technical Foul ( 2 free throws and ball )
• Regular Foul ( 1 free throw and ball )
• Double-Elimination
• All players automatically entered in the HEAT CH3CK CHALLANGE®

Location / Date:

Woodlawn Gym
1103 Cincinnati Ave, San Antonio, TX 78201