As we continue to expand our brand into basketball-related goods and services, we're looking to partner with individuals and/or organizations who are truly committed to the basketball lifestyle. If you're a trainer, tournament host, camp organizer or team, looking to be a part of the Hooplife® family, the first step in the affiliation / licensing process is to fill out an application and write an essay. The essay should contain information about your background, what the Hooplife® brand means to you, why you want to be a part of the Hooplife® family, and what you want to achieve by being Hooplife® brand affiliate. It doesn’t have to be long and/or formal, but it should be from the heart.

The next step is to educate yourself with our brand and become immersed in the basketball. As much as we would like to have everybody be a part of the Hooplife® family, we want those who are truly committed to the basketball lifestyle. This can happen in many ways. Send us your social media account(s)... preferably instagram. Follow us @thehooplifebrand. Post videos and/or photos to your Instagram. We want to see you in the gym, training, working, coaching, mentoring, talking to / mentoring kids, etc... share your experiences and tag us on in your content. Doing so, will allow us to see you in your element. We're not looking for the casual basketball fan or affiliate. We're looking for the serious basketball enthusiasts who LIVES basketball. If this sounds like you, then fill out the application. 



Hooplife Affiliate / Partner Certificate
We require at least one applicant to be at least a Level 1 Certificate holder before applying for affiliation.We offer Level 1 Certificate Courses throughout the year. A Hooplife® Level 3 Certificate also meets this requirement.

Proof of Insurance (U.S. affiliates only)
U.S. affiliates that operate a gymnasium / training, hosting tournaments / bearing the Hooplife® name will be required to submit proof of insurance. Insurance can be purchased from a variety of companies. Please see the Insurance section of Affiliation Requirements for more detailed information.

As of Jan 1, 2020, affiliation costs US $3,000+ annually depending on your use (organization, gym / facility, training, trainer, team, apparel, etc..). See the Affiliation Requirements page for a complete price table per your specific use.

Once you are affiliated, we have two primary vehicles for promoting you, the Affiliate Finder Map and Affiliate List. All commercial affiliates are listed on the Affiliate Map. To be listed on the Affiliate List or to have a live link on the Affiliate Finder Map, a compliant affiliate website is required. Once your application is approved we will link to your website. Please note, that Hooplife® is a licensed, registered trademark and its use without our permission is illegal. Please see the Website section of Affiliation Requirements for more detailed information.



Affiliation allows you to legally use the Hooplife® name / trademark, and offer training, tournaments, leagues, facilities, etc... bearing the Hooplife® name. We’ll help you market your use via our website and through our social media account. We will also by place your name and/or location on our Affiliate Finder Map and Affiliate List, where people can find you.

As an Hooplife® Licensee / affiliate, you also get discounts on all Hooplife® brand products in the online store and free entry into all Hooplife® locations and events.